Good Turn for America

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Use your unit's Good Turn/Advancement ID number
and tell us what your unit is up to in your community.

For more information, please contact Heath Richmond at the Quincy office (217) 224-0204

Good Turn for America will focus on three areas of service: food, shelter, and healthy living. Therefore, there will be three subtitles: Scouting for Food, Scouting for Shelter, and Scouting for Healthy Living.

We want to know what your unit is doing. Units can report their service projects at This site collects information about the kinds of service projects conducted, how many Scouts and non-Scouts participated, and who or what organizations or groups benefited from your unit’s efforts. This information will help us to tell others how Scouts are making a difference in serving their communities. Units reporting their service projects will be allowed to purchase a Good Turn for America patch.

The Boy Scouts of America is the preeminent service organization-it's now time to use that to our advantage and focus attention on what we do best!

Are you one who will make a difference? Get involved!