Adventure Race

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This year's race was held Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sponsored by
Mississippi Valley Council, BSA

Team Name Team Type TA 1 TA 2 TA 3 Finish CP's
QUARC 2PM 0:44:25 2:27:00 3:44:00 4:32:16 29
Happy Mutant 2PM 0:42:29 2:23:00 3:45:10 4:44:50 29
Bumblebeetuna 2PC 0:50:10 2:25:00 4:12:18 5:14:03 29
Balls Up 2PM 1:19:08 3:01:00 4:28:32 5:20:26 29
Off Constantly 2PM 0:58:45 2:50:00 4:28:49 5:21:32 29
Monkey Fist 2PM 0:46:20 3:15:00 4:38:13 5:58:12 29
Team Thomas 2PM 1:53:53 4:28:00 7:00:35 9:12:00 28
Wollinators 4PC - 0:57:38 3:38:45 4:43:27 24
Extra Credit 2PM 0:46:07 4:25:00 6:27:30 7:29:48 24
Team Name Team Type CP's Time Penalties
Lambda Lambda Lambda 4male 26 5:34:55
Wollinators 4coed 26 5:43:23
Just 4 Fun 4male 26 5:52:04
Headhunters 4male 26 5:54:38
QUARC Oldtimers 4coed 26 6:34:07
Balls Up 4coed 26 7:04:22
Sua Sponte 2male 26 7:05:30 1 hour
Reichert Racing 2male 26 7:13:30
Monkey's Fist 4coed 24 7:52:42
The Captain & his crew 4coed 23 7:17:30
Dos Amigos 2coed 20 6:46:55
Moose Knucklers 4coed 17 10:49:30 2 hour
Team Name Team Type CP's Time Penalties
Wollinators 4coed 26 6:49:50 0
Bundu Bashers 2coed 26 6:51:00 0
MTXE 4male 26 6:57:23 0
Occupy Bush 2coed 26 9:02:51 0
Paid for by Wollastons 2male 26 9:04:40 0
Ballup 4coed 26 11:25:30 1hr
Lost in Woods 2coed 15 9:09:40 0
Camp Swag 4male 10 9:17:40 0
Team Name Team Type CP's Time
Off The Front 4coed 19 5:04
Tom & Huck 2male 19 5:30
MTXE 4male 19 6:40
Medicus Wrx 4coed 19 7:12
Wollanators 4coed 19 7:26
Good ole Boys 4male 19 7:52
Gamemasters 2male 19 8:07
Game Time 2male 19 8:31
Leviathon 2male 10 8:43
Wolf Squad 2coed 7 7:01

Physically Strong

The Physically Strong Challenge is an 8-hour Adventure Race that derives its name from the Boy Scout Oath in which members pledge to be “Physically Strong”. This fundraiser will benefit local Scouting and help keep our program STRONG for many years to come.

Adventure Racing

The sport of adventure racing is sweeping the nation at a phenomenal rate. The PHYSICAL challenges presented to adventure racers have caused the sport to grow by leaps and bounds daily in popularity. Adventure racing is one of the few sports where just completing the race is considered a victory. Another driving factor is the emphasis placed on teamwork rather than individual achievement.

orienterring image

Saukenauk Scout Reservation

SSR is a 602-acre full service Scout camp complete with a 40-acre lake, 350 ft. zip line, and 35 ft. climbing tower. SSR also features a vast wilderness with single track mountain biking trails and complex orienteering courses to challenge the best.

moutain biking image


The PHYSICALLY STRONG Challenge will feature 2 and 4 person teams with co-ed divisions available. Co-ed teams must have at least one female competing.

How do I sign up

Get your team together and Register Online or print and mail the Registration Form. Once you have registered start training with your team as this event requires teamwork and STRONG knowledge base of all the disciplines. PHYSICAL conditioning is a must as each member of your team has to compete in all challenges and must finish together in order to complete the challenge.

Pre-race Meeting

A pre-race meeting and registration will be held the night before the race at SSR. Participants must attend this meeting to get all rules, notifications, and checked-in. Camping will be available and campsites will be assigned. A pre-race meal will also be provided. Camp and BSA rules are enforced while participants are on property (no alcohol, fireworks, etc are allowed). RV/ campers are allowed in designated areas only.

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Map to Saukenauk Scout Reservation