Epic Popcorn Story! MUST Read!

How a Major Mistake led to $90,000 in Popcorn Sales
by Robert 'Popcorn Guy' Moore

Most Units do not believe that popcorn sales alone will fund their entire Scouting year. However, Troop 214 in Anchorage, AK was able to accomplish this feat. They are the only Unit to sell over $90,000 in popcorn for three years in a row. Now this did not come easy or was even intentional at the start. This is the story of Troop 214.

In 2008, Troop 214 sold $90,285 and they went to Camp Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu. It is amazing how many adult volunteers want to help when the carrot is Hawaii. Since selling this amount in 2008, Troop 214 sold over $90,000 for three year in a row. Last year, Troop 214 had 15 Scouts turn 18 and only sold $67,000, but plan to be the first Unit to sell $100,000 this year.

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Boy Scout at USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Scout viewing ship's list
~ U.S.S. Arizona Memorial-Pearl Harbor, HI