Troop Summer Camp Session 2 @ Camp Eastman

Close your eyes and think back to when you were a kid. You probably attended a camp, whether it was Scout Camp, Church Camp, or some other outdoor program. What do you remember? Probably the friends you made, the challenges you overcame, and adventures that unfolded. Our Camp Staff is committed to ensuring your Scout develops memories that last a lifetime. Merit Badges and advancement are one of the methods of Scouting but they are not the ONLY methods. Our camp emphasizes the Patrol Method and additional activities that will help your Scout develop fond memories and friendships as they become prepared for the rest of their lives.

We are excited to build upon the momentum we made in 2021 with our increased staff training, revised Merit Badge schedule, and additional activities.

Troop Summer camp is your traditional Summer Camp. The program focuses on the Adventure, Skill Instruction, Patrol Method, and earning a handful of Merit Badges. Choose your camp, prepare your patrol, and get excited for your adventure!


  • Supplementing your Troop Program with activities designed using the patrol method
  • Exemplifying and living the values of the Scout Oath and Law
  • Support for your Troop via training, a vision of Scouting, and awareness of activities & awards
  • Fun Activities based on Scouts’ interests allowing them to have an adventure, make friends, & create memories
  • Introduce Scouts to 2-5 avocation & career-based skills via the merit badge program

Visit our Resources Page for our Summer Camp Guidebook & to sign up for Provisional Summer Camp.


Jul 17 - 23 2022


Camp Eastman


J. David Gilbert
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