Burlington/West Burlington Public Schools Recruitment Night

Recruitment is under way for all of our Scouting Packs! Tips for a successful recruitment night:

  • Be prepared – after all, it is our motto! Have a calendar ready to give parents, be ready to collect dues, have extra applications on hand, have pens available, keep it short and simple!
  • Look the part! Be in uniform and have existing Scouts in uniform!
  • Have Sign-up Stations
    • Station 1: Welcome/Sign-in
    • Station 2: What We Do
    • Station 3: Registration Form
    • Station 4: Check Out (complete applications)
    • Station 5: Den Leader Q & A
  • Have FUN!

Each elementary school will conduct a recruitment night; specific locations will be determined after classes resume.

For additional information: Shoquoquon Senior District Executive Keely Kangas 319-290-6662 or keely.kangas@scouting.org


Sep 10 2019


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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