Camp Deposits Due

The Mississippi Valley Council is gearing up for another fun-filled summer of adventure at Saukenauk Scout Reservation and Camp Eastman. As you may know there are several external factors that will have an affect on summer camp, chiefly the rising cost of minimum wage in Illinois where both of our camp properties are located.

Our Council is committed to keeping the cost of summer camp at an affordable rate while providing opportunities for adventure and exploration. This year, we are accepting and encouraging unit deposits and camp deposits for all camps – Scouting America Summer Camp, Cub Scout Adventure Camp, and Webelos Adventure Camp.

If your deposit is paid on or before December 20th, you will lock in 2019 youth fees. If your deposit is not paid until April 19, 2020 then Early Bird youth fees will apply. If your fees are paid after April 19, 2020 you will pay the standard price. Please refer to the appropriate deposit form below for the breakdown of camp fees.

Click here for the Scouting America Summer Camp Deposit form and camp fees breakdown
Click here for the Cub Scout Adventure Camp & Webelos Adventure Camp Deposit form and camp fees breakdown


Dec 20 2019
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