Winter & Spring Virtual & Small Group Programming

The 2021 Winter and Spring Line Up is coming together nicely! This will replace the traditional schedule as we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our Scouts. Please note, we still have some details to finalize, but here is a glance at what’s to come. We anticipate adding a few more items to this list, so keep checking this page for updates!

Small Group In-Person Program Opportunities

  • Cub Scouts - Pinewood Derby Car Clinic - January 9th - Thanks for Attending! 
  • Cub Scouts –Yukon - MARCH 27 - Thank for attending! 

Online Merit Badge Opportunities

We will once again offer online merit badge classes this fall!  Merit Badge Registration will be $6 per class. When you complete the requirements by the deadline, we will send you the Merit Badge Patch.

In person or Online w/kit Merit Badge

Patrol Challenge

Are You Up For the Trivia Challenge??  We will be offering a Patrol Challenge Trivia once a month!  Log in as a patrol or individually and be ready to face the challenge!

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