Camp Eastman

Camp Eastman
750 E. County Road 1780
Nauvoo, IL 62354
(217) 847-2770

Contact us at for camp usage information.

Camp Eastman is located just off IL 96 (The River Road) 7.5 miles south of Nauvoo, IL or 5.5 miles north of Hamilton, IL. It is the property of the Mississippi Valley Council.

Situated on the Mighty Mississippi, Camp Eastman provides an ideal setting for boys and girls of all ages. Here you'll find a quiet creek ideal for lessons in the use of a variety of small boats. From the safe harbor, just under the highway bridge, the more accomplished and daring Scouts have access to the raging Father of Waters in which to really test their skills.

Along with the recreation and wildlife opportunities that only the Mississippi brings, there are other environments that appeal to anyone wishing to study wetlands, aquatic, hardwood forests and river bluff habitats.

You will find that the 11 campsites are within a few minutes of all the program activities including the trading post and dining hall.

One of the major attractions at Eastman is the huge swimming pool. It is well maintained and provides a safe area to learn swimming and lifesaving skills.

Camp Eastman is proven by design and tradition to be an ideal place for young people to learn the skills needed for leadership and good citizenship as they grow into contributing members of our society.


History of Camp Eastman